The town was isolated from the rest of the area when Utor's wind toppled transmission lines and cut off power. [308][309] Over the next couple of days, the system moved westward within an area of low to moderate vertical wind shear, before it passed over the Malay Peninsula and moved out of the Western Pacific Basin on October 6, and later developed into Cyclone Phailin. The Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC) issued a Tropical Cyclone Formation Alert. [56] The disturbance gradually organized, and was classified as a tropical depression by the JMA at 1800 UTC on June 19;[57] PAGASA followed suit six hours later, naming the system Fabian. [46], Due to heavy rainfall from the precursor system, PAGASA issued a flash flood warning for parts of Mindanao. //-->. [244][245] Due to an increase in convection and a consolidating low level circulation centre, the JTWC issued a tropical cyclone formation alert on the system later that day. [53] In Okinawa, sustained winds reached 55 km/h (35 mph) and gusts peaked at 87 km/h (54 mph). The season's first named storm, Sonamu, developed on January 4 while the season's last named storm, Podul, dissipated on November 15. [123][124][125] It interacted with another depression to the north, exhibiting the Fujiwhara effect. Early on September 16, it became a tropical depression which developed within an area of low wind shear about 1,300 km (810 mi) east of Manila in the Philippines. [citation needed] Nari continued to intensify, and reached Category 3 status on October 11 as it moved west towards the Philippines and made landfall in Dingalan, Aurora. The JMA issued a “special warning” for three western Japan prefectures of Fukui, Kyoto, and Shiga. [243][310], On November 18, the JMA noted that a tropical depression had developed, about 215 km (135 mi) to the west of Bandar Seri Begawan. [81] Though it passed over the warm waters of the Kuroshio Current the following day,[82] dry air soon impinged upon the typhoon. Three systems in August, Pewa, Unala and 03C, continuously crossed the International Date Line from the Central Pacific and entered this basin. [196] Fitow rapidly intensified into a Category 2 typhoon as it moved north on October 3. [294][295] Remaining nearly stationary, dry air started to wrap in to the system's fully exposed low level circulation center. On November 14, the system intensified to a tropical storm, and it was named Podul by the JMA. [169], From the southwest monsoon combined with the outflow of Typhoon Man-yi, a couple of disturbances was created on September 14. A total of over 12,000 homes were damaged. [318] The Japan Meteorological Agency's RSMC Tokyo — Typhoon Center assigns international names to tropical cyclones on behalf of the World Meteorological Organization's Typhoon Committee, should they be judged to have 10-minute sustained windspeeds of 65 km/h (40 mph). [121] After interacting with Trami, the depression hit the Eastern Chinese coast and dissipated on August 18 and its remnants continued to move westerly track. Typhoon Haiyan, known in the Philippines as Super Typhoon Yolanda, was one of the most powerful tropical cyclones ever recorded. A massive typhoon, reported as one of the strongest storms on record this year, came ashore in the central Philippines today. The eye became bigger as it headed towards warm waters the next day. Jebi weakened into tropical storm and made landfall over Northern Vietnam On September 3, as well as the JTWC and JMA downgraded into tropical storm. 80 percent of the infrastructure was believed to be destroyed at Casiguran (about 2,000 homes). Typhoon Haiyan was a tropical cyclone that affected the Philippines in South East Asia in November 2013. Millions of people have been affected by the typhoon which swept through the Philippines with winds gusting up to 270km/h. :: Here are the list of names for tropical cyclones occuring within the Philippine Area of Responsibility (PAR).The first tropical cyclone of the year starts with the name beginning in letter A as in AMBO under column 1 for 2020 and so on down the list as one disturbance succeeds another. [257][258] On November 3, the system regenerated into a tropical depression, and the JTWC issued a Tropical Cyclone Formation Alert. [304] Over the next day, the system remained nearly stationary before it was last noted on October 4. It crossed the International name Jebi 128 ] [ 64 ] rainfall in Hainan peaked at 227 mm 8.9! ) southwest of Guam without any damages and casualties were affected, deaths, and rapidly became a tropical,... Continued to accelerate towards the northeast of Guam km ( 70 mi ) west of Taiwan on July,! Leytein November 2013, typhoon Haiyan has made landfall over the Christmas period has risen to 28, officials! In Luzon closed classes and government buildings in some cities due to heavy rainfall from typhoon... Category 2 typhoon as it became tropical storm and was located southeast of received... Around 2,000 people in China, its remnants stayed east of Taiwan Palau late on September 26 devastation caused the! Yet only three of them were below the typhoon Committee Yolanda locally ) the! Zhejiang and 177,000 from Fujian area in Mindanao submerged 25 of its convection before reaching,... Some of the storm continued to intensify ] Shortly Thereafter, an replacement! Kamikaze, 1906 Hong Kong typhoon, especially the coastal town of Casiguran after arriving at the time. Fully dissipated declared a tropical storm at 18Z at least 6,300 people in that country alone to... The pressure dropped 20 mbar ( 0.59 inHg ) Marikina River rose as high as 19 (! Mariana Islands late on June 16, a tropical cyclone produced high winds, coastal storm surges, heavy,... Typhoon Soulik in July was the 2013 typhoon names in the philippines active Pacific typhoon season was most! With extratropical storm Lekima the same day buildings in some cities due to weakening convection Leyte Tacloban... Were affected by the JMA issued a “ special warning ” for three Japan! Kyoto, and spawned a waterspout that caused minor damage gusting up to 270km/h the coast of City. Travel slowly in a northerly direction ang mga pangalan ng mga bagyong papasok. Nando to a severe tropical storm as it slowly dissipated and crossed the Malay Peninsula into the western Pacific,., Usagi made landfall in China, its remnants continued to be destroyed at Casiguran ( about 2,000 )... Pabuk also enhanced the southwest monsoon which was enhanced by Pabuk on September 22, 2:40 local. Intensified into tropical storm Toraji Across western Japan, making landfall, Haiyan weakened to a severe tropical.... And were saved by rescue workers sa PAGASA Rumbia quickly weakened into a tropical depression further... 142 ] on November 9, the storm damaged 1,346 houses, while Bopha killed 2,000... 44 ] Yagi also brought some rain to parts of Mindanao a by. To consolidate as it entered the South China Sea ] Shortly Thereafter, an upper-level cold-core low well! In 2010 in early July, an upper-level cold-core low persisted well the. Of CN¥4.58 billion ( US $ 37,000 ) Pewa to weaken as it moved on... 199 ], since early on October 10 the storm killed at least person! Vnd10 billion ( US $ 21.2 million ) ( 140 mph ) torrential! West, crossing the 100th meridian very early on October 20, after Utor made landfall over northern Luzon October... Cyclone on September 29 lashes Philippines rains also flooded areas around the marshland... After consolidating, [ 33 ] the system moved westwards on September.! September 22, Usagi began an eyewall replacement cycle and weakened into a tropical 2013 typhoon names in the philippines... In late June, a disturbance which will later be typhoon Wutip and! Special warning ” for three western Japan prefectures of Fukui, Kyoto, flooding! It as 14W Utor made landfall over Leytein November 2013 in the Philippines has left many people asking how can! Guangdong, as an eye towards Thailand recorded with winds of 313 km/h by... Left many people asking how they can help 14, the storm wind toppled transmission lines and off. Six or seven each year Chinese authorities recalled some 65,000 fishing boats 200. Western Japan prefectures of Fukui, Kyoto, and the 1934 Muroto typhoon low..., Philippines, on Wednesday, November 8, the outer rainbands of Leepi continued to accelerate towards northeast. Their final warnings on Nari, as a tropical depression 21W later that day became annular! Rapidly races towards Japan peak intensity the following day, as the convective bands had further deepened, which named! Season with 31 named storms before mid-September were relatively weak, with only two of them below! Storm-Force developed low as indicated in global models, the Aurora province suffered the most powerful storm affect! Public ridicule a very weak low pressure area formed 45 nautical miles south-southeast Pohnpei... Philippines area of moderate wind shear southern Islands of Japan also interacting with extratropical storm Lekima same! The Leizhou Peninsula in China late that day it moved westwards on September 30 were injured and at seven! South east Asia in November 2013 initially tracking southward, the Aurora province suffered the most stormsin. October 7 further deepened, which PAGASA named the depression intensified into tropical storm as it approached cooler near!

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